All Together Now represents and guides contemporary artists in their careers, and is committed to the production, presentation, mediation, and sale of their work. The artists who have joined the label are: Abner Preis (IL/US), Fraser Stewart (UK), Willehad Eilers (DE) and Frederique Jonker (NL).


All Together Now supports its artists by actively presenting and programming their work. Since contemporary art production is versatile – performances, films, plays, music, and painting can be individual or multiple elements within an artist’s practice –
All Together Now presents these approaches in relevant locations including film festivals, the internet, exhibition halls, theaters, and art fairs. From its studio and exhibition space, All Together Now wants to exhibit and promote its artists  around the world.

All Together Now is convinced that new ideas are always the result of a collective process and is actively pursuing innovation in contemporary art. Therefore, All Together Now brings together people with different expertise and backgrounds for workshops, lectures, and conversations. All Together Now wants to play a significant role for its artists and other people, leading by example and choosing values such as loyalty, innovation, quality, and collaboration.


All Together Now makes contemporary art accessible to a
wide audience through the publishing of affordable editions
by leading international contemporary artists.


All Together Now aims to explore new forms of presentation, encourage talent, and discover how to achieve new audiences for contemporary art.

All Together Now was founded by Gerben Willers, who was curator at Rotterdam’ Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam from 2008 to 2014. Willers produced solo exhibitions by young, key figures in the contemporary art world. Among others, he has worked with Ryan McNamara, Oscar Murillo, Ryan Trecartin, Willehad Eilers, and Jonas Lund.



Gerben Willers   

+31 (0)6 371 52 881 


Visiting Address:  

Robert Fruinstraat 35  

3021 XB, Rotterdam  

Post adDresS:  

Waterwerk 56,  

3063 HB,  Rotterdam 

The Netherlands 



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